How can you stand out in a crowded online world?

The digital landscape is filled with individuals and businesses contending for space. A distinct personality, memorable content, and compelling storytelling is key to differentiating you and your business. If you’re looking to create a new brand (voice & visual identity) or need future-forward content that will resonate with your audience, I’ve got you covered.

Nice To Meet You


I’m passionate about people and what makes them tick. I’d rather have a conversation that makes us a little uncomfortable because that likely means we’re asking tough questions and exploring what it means to be human. I always have (at minimum) one notebook tucked into my bag at any given time. My optimism will rub off on you.

Nowadays, I consciously choose to fight less and flow more. I meditate. I do yoga. I believe in the power of functional medicine. I do none of these things because they’re trendy New Age practices, but rather because I see myself as a whole being, indistinct from others and the world around me.

I want to work with passionate leaders and organizations who believe the only thing standing in the way of a more positive future is the limits of our thinking.

My Sweet Spot


My passion for people means that I can extrapolate insights from trends to write, speak, and advise with a future-forward and human perspective to inform strong brand strategies and content. My job is to keep an eye out for what’s on the horizon to help you shape, refine, and communicate your vision.


Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“Corinne’s talent for weaving seemingly divergent and disparate ideas into a compelling narrative that gets people excited about what’s possible is rare and invaluable. Corinne is curious, driven, passionate and humble. She has the power to make real change happen. She makes me believe in the possible and gets me excited about work everyday.”
JILL JAGO, Founder, Jago Communications
“Corinne’s presentation was engaging, eye-opening, interactive and effective in demonstrating how global trends are macro-connected and will impact the (not-so-distant) future of work.”
IAN COX, Director Workplace Innovation, Business Design Interiors

“Corinne has a knack for looking at situations through a unique lens, and is passionate to help companies understand, plan for, and act on emerging trends in technology, culture, and design. She plays a pivotal role to execute highly impactful stories through strategic thinking, cross-functional collaboration, creativity, and pushing conventional boundaries when it comes to it. Corinne is on the front lines effecting change! And an inspiration for me every day.”

JENNIFER UTARID, Proposals Specialist, B+H
“Corinne was able to stretch our imaginations regarding the future possibilities of learning and design. The topics and questions she included encouraged us to think about the needs and expectations of current and future generations and how various trends would affect design.”
MICHAEL TRIPP, Director Sales & Marketing Corporate Division, eurOptimum

Thought Birth


How We Can Work Together

Brand strategy and creation of brand voice and visual identity.

Development of thought leadership pieces including blogs and articles.

Marketing collateral including web content, brochures and special publications.

Industry-specific research decks on macro and micro trends informing futures thinking.

Are We The Right Fit?