Because today’s thinking becomes tomorrow’s reality.

I believe that as citizens of the future in a hyper-connected world, we have an obligation to ask the big and tough questions that define our current moment in time. By tapping into diverse perspectives and being open to change, we can work collectively to make smarter, better decisions that will have a lasting and positive impact on our future.

There are more than enough people imagining worst-case scenarios of the future. While it’s important to be aware of the challenges we face as we move forward in a rapidly changing world, focusing on doomsday scenarios won’t help us uncover possibilities for a positive future. This portal was born of my passion and innate curiosity for people, what makes them tick and how we can work together to build a better tomorrow.

My 9-5 gig keeps me busy as the Strategic Foresight Lead at B+H. I’m lucky to get paid to be a resident trend hunter and connect the dots between what’s happening in the world around us with my fellow colleagues and the work we do on a daily basis. A big part of my role is creating thoughtful content and my love for storytelling extends well beyond my day job. Poetry is my choice of word handling and I’d rather have a real conversation that makes us squirm than pretend like everything’s fine when it’s not.

Welcome to Thought Birth

Let’s explore the future together.