Building Smart Cities In A Post-COVID World

Planning cities for people When most people think of smart cities, they think of data and technology. Automated vehicles running off 5G towers. Traffic and pedestrian movement translated to data sets that manage for real-time responses in urban flows. Tech hubs built as economic drivers and innovation platforms. While

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Branding And Marketing In A COVID World

Creating A Roadmap For Tomorrow As COVID-19 continues to affect countries around the world, it’s impossible to tell when life will return to “normal”. (Whether or not we want to return to normal is yet another question.) Many speculate we’ll likely see a new reality arise from all this

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Forging A Brave New World

How COVID-19 could change us forever The world is being thrust into massive change, whether or not we’re prepared and regardless of whether we saw it coming. There’s no shortage of opinions about how long it will take for us to “get through this” or see economic recovery and it’s difficult

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Interior Design Show 2020 Workshop

Exploring the future The world is changing quickly and without warning. So much so, that business-as-usual practices simply no longer cut it. Leaders and organizations that take a traditional approach and are slow to change will find themselves lagging behind in extremely competitive markets. Companies that find ways to

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