Powerful Questions


Every business problem is an opportunity in disguise. By asking the right questions, we can uncover the right solutions.

Are bricks & mortar necessary in an increasingly virtual world?


Mall Plus+ was a 2-day charrette organized by B+H to explore the future of the mall. Part think tank, part workshop, we brought global talent together to push them to the limits of their creativity. They explored the purpose, role and physical nature of the mall of the future through the lens of four possible scenarios. To get them inspired, we invited four external speakers with a diversity of expertise to hear how they constantly reinvent themselves within their fields.

The charrette provoked new conversations between our designers across global studios and looked at the mall as an examination of larger implications of community, ownership, and connectivity. I was involved in the strategic framing of the event for our internal and external audiences, facilitated discussion during the workshop, and created web content to communicate our process and outcomes.

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What are the skills of tomorrow’s workforce?


Working closely with B+H‘s leadership team, I created content for a global training workshop. I produced and presented a global trend deck along a spectrum of macro change drivers based on the STEEP framework (Sociological, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political). The deck was presented to expand thinking and encourage new conversations prior to delving into the academy content. We then engaged talent to draw connections between individual comments and observations to deepen insights on applications of these global change drivers and trends within the industry.

I also used the trends to create three narratives for possible future world scenarios including transformative, fortress and market conditions. By engaging talent to explore possible futures rooted in current human-centered trends, they came together to discuss how they saw the future of the industry and their role as designers within it. These narratives were also used to explore alternative futures to test the firm’s resilience to the changes coming in the not-so-distant future.

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What is human-centered design?


A publication of B+H, framed was a special editorial-style piece that explored this global firm’s best work from the previous year within the context of human-centered design. The content was thoughtfully selected to demonstrate the firm’s diversity across studios, geographies, sectors, and disciplines. The theme for the publication was how design ideas create connections between people, built spaces, and the land.

By speaking to both processes and solutions, the content explored the firm’s designs through the lens of wellness, sustainability, design performance and innovation. Working with the firm’s global design leaders, my role was to distill key ideas gathered through group discussions and one-on-one interviews to produce the majority of the content for the magazine, edit and proofread the final publication.

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How We Can Work Together

Content creation including blogs, articles, marketing collateral, and special publications

Research decks and reports on macro and micro trends and/or future scenarios

Keynote speaking and workshops pertaining to trends and future scenarios

Consultation on long-term strategic planning projects and teams

Consulting with communities and organizations relating to community vision, sustainability, and resilience